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We envision a connected ecosystem of neighbors and cross-sector partners working together to meet the holistic needs of families living in the Freedom Drive Corridor. 


Our mission is family centered community transformation



Charlotte is a city that has been referred to as a top ten city to live in America from multiple media outlets, including Forbes Magazine.  Our city has enjoyed the reputation as the number two banking capital in the nation, the home to multiple professional sports teams, and a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

However, Harvard University ranked Charlotte 50th out of 50 large cities in America regarding a person's ability to achieve upward mobility if they are born into poverty.  Highlighting this point, their research showed that a child who is born into poverty in Charlotte will most likely remain in the devastating pattern of generational poverty into their adult years. 

Freedom Communities was founded with the core belief that every child deserves an opportunity to have equitable access to opportunities that ensure they are given every chance to realize their full potential.




We are building a collaborative network of cross-sector partners and neighborhood leaders to facilitate alignment and coordination of resources to transform the Freedom Drive Corridor.


We invest in community identified gaps of affordable housing and early childhood education with both philanthropic and impact investments.


We leverage investments in housing and early education to provide holistic wraparound care for families building the tools and capacities to drive upward mobility and sustained economic stability

Freedom Communities will focus on the neighborhoods of Camp Greene and Enderly Park along the Freedom Drive corridor.



Freedom Communities is working to support a top-performing educational pipeline that begins with early childhood development and continues through secondary education. No longer can we tolerate that nearly 4 out of 5 of the third graders in our Impact Area are not able to read at grade level.


Freedom Communities is working to ensure the availability

of high-quality, mixed-income housing that increases the opportunity for low-income residents to enjoy the desired location and amenities offered by living in our Impact Area.


Freedom Communities is committed to stimulating market conditions and connecting workers with jobs by attracting new businesses, helping to grow current businesses that provide jobs, and catalyzing the workforce to increase

average household incomes.


Proximate access to healthcare and wellness education is an essential ingredient of any thriving community. Towards that end, Freedom Communities is working to expand healthcare access in our Impact Area. 

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staff TEAM

Hannah Beavers: Executive Director

Marc Dickmann: Director of Education

Cynthia Scott: Family Services Coordinator

Mark Talbot: Director of Economic Impact

Paul Baalman: Affordable Housing Advisor

John ButlerAffordable Housing Advisor

Andrea Bierce
Mark Linsz
Jeff Conway
Tim Sittema
David Docusen
DeAlva Wilson

Find us in West Charlotte at

The Movement Center

2225 Freedom Drive, Suite 5

 Charlotte, NC 28208

Freedom Communities is tax exempt nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2018

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